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Iris Experts Group (IEG) Meeting 2021

1 month 3 weeks hence
The Iris Experts Group (IEG) will hold their annual meeting on Thursday June 17, 2021. The meeting will be virtual using the BlueJeans Meeting platform. The meeting is a full day meeting with breaks scattered through the day. The IEG is a forum for the discussion of technical questions of interest to US government(USG) agencies and their staff that are employing or may employ iris recognition to carry out their mission. Members include subject matter experts from USG agencies, academia and the commercial world. The meeting agenda is based on input from the members. The agendas of past meetings
Pauline Truong

Third PQC Standardization Conference

1 month 2 weeks hence
The NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process has entered the third phase, in which 7 third round finalists and eight alternate candidates are being considered for standardization. NIST plans to hold a third NIST PQC Standardization Conference in June 2021 to discuss various aspects of these candidates, and to obtain valuable feedback for the final selection(s). NIST will invite each submission team of the 15 finalists and alternates to give a short update on their algorithm. The conference will take place virtually. Call for Papers Submission deadline: April 23, 2021 Notification
Thelma A. Allen

Detecting Fraud

5 hours 13 minutes ago
Review your bank, credit card and financial statements regularly to identify unauthorized activity. This is one of the most effective ways to quickly detect if your bank account, credit card or identity has been compromised.

FIN7 Sysadmin Gets 10 Years Behind Bars

18 hours 58 minutes ago
The systems administrator for a notorious organized cybercrime group has been handed a 10-year jail sentence for his part in financial crimes that cost firms and consumers billions.

Ryuk Ransomware Anatomy of an Attack in 2021

19 hours 13 minutes ago
Advintel observed actors conducting OSINT research related to the compromised host domain to identify the infected victim company and evaluate their revenue to assess what the ransom amount will be.