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Don't Lose That Device

1 day 3 hours ago
Did you know you are 100 times more likely to lose a laptop or mobile devices than have it stolen? When you are traveling, always double-check to make sure you have your devices with you, such as when leaving airport security, exiting your taxi or check out of your hotel.

SysAdmin of Billion-Dollar Hacking Group Gets 10-Year Sentence

2 days 23 hours ago
A high-level manager and systems administrator associated with the FIN7 threat actor has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday. Fedir Hladyr, a 35-year-old Ukrainian national, is said to have played a crucial role in a criminal scheme that compromised tens of millions of debit and credit cards, in addition to aggregating the stolen information,
Ravie Lakshmanan

What are the different roles within cybersecurity?

2 days 23 hours ago
People talk about the cybersecurity job market like it's a monolith, but there are a number of different roles within cybersecurity, depending not only on your skill level and experience but on what you like to do. In fact, Cybercrime Magazine came up with a list of 50 cybersecurity job titles, while CyberSN, a recruiting organization, came up with its own list of 45 cybersecurity job categories
The Hacker News

BazarLoader Malware Abuses Slack, BaseCamp Clouds

3 days 5 hours ago
The BazarLoader downloader, written in C++, has the primary function of downloading and executing additional modules. BazarLoader was first observed in the wild last April – and since then researchers have observed at least six variants.

Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Twitter

3 days 13 hours ago

Security Boulevard recently listed the “Top-21 Cybersecurity Experts You Must Follow on Twitter in 2021.” I came in at #7. I thought that was pretty good, especially since I never tweet. My Twitter feed just mirrors my blog. (If you are one of the 134K people who read me from Twitter, “hi.”)

Bruce Schneier