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Did Someone at the Commerce Dept. Find a SolarWinds Backdoor in Aug. 2020?

3 days 21 hours ago
On Aug. 13, 2020, someone uploaded a suspected malicious file to VirusTotal, a service that scans submitted files against more than five dozen antivirus and security products. Last month, Microsoft and FireEye identified that file as a newly-discovered fourth malware backdoor used in the sprawling SolarWinds supply chain hack. An analysis of the malicious file and other submissions by the same VirusTotal user suggest the account that initially flagged the backdoor as suspicious belongs to IT personnel at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a division of the U.S. Commerce Department that handles telecommunications and Internet policy.

The rise of QakBot

3 days 23 hours ago
Qakbot, also known as QBot or Pinkslipbot, is a modular information stealer. It has been active since 2007 and primarily used by financially motivated actors including the TA551 group.

Severe Bugs Reported in EtherNet/IP Stack for Industrial Systems

4 days 1 hour ago
The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Thursday issued an advisory warning of multiple vulnerabilities in the OpENer EtherNet/IP stack that could expose industrial systems to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, data leaks, and remote code execution. All OpENer commits and versions prior to February 10, 2021, are affected, although there are no known public exploits that
Ravie Lakshmanan

2021 and Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

4 days ago
Instead of coming to a standstill, if anything, 2020 saw an increase in cybersecurity threats as criminals found new ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities and infiltrate business systems.

US Sanctions Russia and Expels 10 Diplomats Over SolarWinds Cyberattack

4 days 3 hours ago
The U.S. and U.K. on Thursday formally attributed the supply chain attack of IT infrastructure management company SolarWinds with "high confidence" to government operatives working for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). "Russia's pattern of malign behaviour around the world – whether in cyberspace, in election interference or in the aggressive operations of their intelligence services
Ravie Lakshmanan

Digital Inheritance

4 days 5 hours ago
What happens to our digital presence when we die or become incapacitated? Many of us have or know we should have a will and checklists of what loved ones need to know in the event of our passing. But what about all of our digital data and online accounts? Consider creating some type of digital will, often called a "Digital Inheritance" plan.