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Hackers Accidentally Expose Passwords Stolen From Businesses On the Internet

3 days 10 hours ago
A new large-scale phishing campaign targeting global organizations has been found to bypass Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and steal credentials belonging to over a thousand corporate employees. The cyber offensive is said to have originated in August last year, with the attacks aimed specifically at energy and construction companies, said researchers from Check Point
Ravie Lakshmanan

MrbMiner Crypto-Mining Malware Links to Iranian Software Company

3 days 9 hours ago
A relatively new crypto-mining malware that surfaced last year and infected thousands of Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) databases has now been linked to a small software development company based in Iran. The attribution was made possible due to an operational security oversight, said researchers from cybersecurity firm Sophos, that led to the company's name inadvertently making its way into the
Ravie Lakshmanan

Google Chrome wants to fix your unsafe passwords

3 days 11 hours ago
In the coming weeks Google will be rolling out a new feature to users of its Chrome browser which will make it easier to check for weak passwords and warn if stored passwords have been compromised in a past data breach. Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.
Graham Cluley

Cloud Marketplace – Ecosystem of the Future

3 days 12 hours ago
Cloud Marketplace – Ecosystem of the Future   Introduction to the Marketplace

Digital transformation has enabled organizations to move to the cloud to ensure scalable, secure infrastructure. And, in recent years cloud infrastructure has evolved to include cloud marketplaces. These marketplaces are designed to provide customers with access to software applications and services that are built on, integrate with, or complement the cloud provider's offerings.

Yotam Alon

SVR Attacks on Microsoft 365

3 days 12 hours ago

FireEye is reporting the current known tactics that the SVR used to compromise Microsoft 365 cloud data as part of its SolarWinds operation:

Mandiant has observed UNC2452 and other threat actors moving laterally to the Microsoft 365 cloud using a combination of four primary techniques:

  • Steal the Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) token-signing certificate and use it to forge tokens for arbitrary users (sometimes described as Golden SAML). This would allow the attacker to authenticate into a federated resource provider (such as Microsoft 365) as any user, without the need for that user’s password or their corresponding multi-factor authentication (MFA) mechanism...
Bruce Schneier

Importance of Application Security and Customer Data Protection to a Startup

3 days 13 hours ago
When you are a startup, there are umpteen things that demand your attention. You must give your hundred percent (probably even more!) to work effectively and efficiently with the limited resources. Understandably, the application security importance may be pushed at the bottom of your things-to-do list. One other reason to ignore web application protectioncould be your belief that only large
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