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Atlanta Synagogue Reports Cyber-Attack

4 days 10 hours ago
Threat actors reportedly targeted a Shabbat service, held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., that was being broadcast live over the internet from Atlanta synagogue The Temple on January 15.

MAZE Exfiltration Tactic Widely Adopted

4 days 11 hours ago
New research by New Zealand company Emsisoft has found that a cyber-blackmail tactic first debuted by ransomware gang MAZE has been adopted by over a dozen other criminal cyber-gangs.

Sophisticated Watering Hole Attack

4 days 12 hours ago

Google’s Project Zero has exposed a sophisticated watering-hole attack targeting both Windows and Android:

Some of the exploits were zero-days, meaning they targeted vulnerabilities that at the time were unknown to Google, Microsoft, and most outside researchers (both companies have since patched the security flaws). The hackers delivered the exploits through watering-hole attacks, which compromise sites frequented by the targets of interest and lace the sites with code that installs malware on visitors’ devices. The boobytrapped sites made use of two exploit servers, one for Windows users and the other for users of Android...

Bruce Schneier

Microsoft, GM, Cruise Partner on Self-Driving Cars

4 days 12 hours ago
A strategic partnership with Microsoft was announced Tuesday by General Motors and Cruise aimed at speeding up the commercialization of shared self-driving vehicles. In addition, Microsoft will be joining GM, Honda and some institutional investors in adding US$2 billion to Cruise's coffers, bringing the value of the shared self-driving vehicle company to $30 billion.
John P. Mello Jr.

SolarWinds Hackers Also Breached Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Firm

4 days 13 hours ago
Malwarebytes on Tuesday said it was breached by the same group who broke into SolarWinds to access some of its internal emails, making it the fourth major cybersecurity vendor to be targeted after FireEye, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike. The company said its intrusion was not the result of a SolarWinds compromise, but rather due to a separate initial access vector that works by "abusing applications
Ravie Lakshmanan


4 days 19 hours ago
Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer and that it is automatically updating. However, keep in mind that no anti-virus can catch all malware; your computer can still be infected. That is why it's so important you use common sense and be wary of any messages that seem odd or suspicious.